White Blonde

Antarctica is a special place with particular stories and memories, the polar explorers called it "white blonde".

In this work I used found photographs from the Antarctic. I decided to freeze them to get such images, which could express a sense of awareness of time, death and the inevitable decay through this transformation. I wanted to show the fear of oblivion, termination of activity, and entropy through a collision with a hard, cold ice surface.  It wasn't enough for me to use only archival photographs of unknown polar explorers so I made some self-portraits. I had to put myself, literally, into the ice to emphasize my feelings.

Awards: final winner of The FotoFilmic’15 Competition

Exhibitions: The FotoFilmic Traveling Exhibition: New York, Sous Les Étoiles Gallery; Vancouver, the Burrard Arts Foundation; Seoul, Space 22 Gallery

Publications: GUP magazine, Bleek Magazine

© Julia Borissova