In my project “DOM” I refer to the concept of home.

“Dom” means a house, home, a building or a household in the Russian language.

As a model for creation of the maquette of houses, I chose the kind of mass housing, so-called "Khruschyovka". They were built in Russia in the era of Khrushchev. After Stalin’s Empire they look like architectural degradation. But, in fact, Khruschyov was the first who realized the idea of mass housing construction. Now they are going to be demolished as they have served their time. Nobody admires them, just on the contrary – they arouse only censure of the architectural squalor and inconvenience of living conditions. But a lot of Russian people still live in these houses.

These homes I decided to remove from their usual context and put in some kind of scenery to create theatrical illusions, to make a collage of the real and the imaginary life, where model of the house becomes the embodiment of reality and the real landscape is transformed into the theater sets.

My project functions around the notions of how we feel, understand, and remember the home where we inhabit. Through my own personal experience and relationships with the place where I live, I create the images for the viewer. I would like to explore how our concept of home is changing over time and the notion of home is transforming in connection with the place in which we live.

The book “DOM (Document Object Model)”


DOM (Document Object Model)

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